Mocha and Bailey

In 2015 we adopted two rescue dogs and were looking for a boarding facility for them to stay in while we were on vacation. I was so grateful to find Heather, she truly cares and the pups have space to run and play compared to other facilities where you pay extra for them to go on walks or have extra interaction with the staff. Moka was our first rescue, super loving but a bit fearful in new situations and meeting new people. It took her a couple days to open up, but Heather gave Moka the space she needed and before long she had found a new friend. Bailey had a lot of puppy energy so having 2 acres to run on must have been a dream come true. I’m pretty sure when the dogs go to Heather’s they feel like they are on vacation too, and we can enjoy our time away because we know the pups are well taken care of and having fun. -Jenn