It’s been very difficult to find boarding services for our dog, Bismarck. When we rescued him from a local shelter, we didn’t realize the extent of his fear towards humans. Because he initially seems fearful or even aggressive when encountering an unfamiliar situation or strangers, we were uncomfortable leaving him in a traditional kennel. In fact, we postponed several vacations simply because we couldn’t find someone who would work with our unique circumstances. Fortunately, we found Heather at Pop Star Dogs. Heather was more than willing to listen to our needs and take the time to learn about Bismarck’s personality. Upon arrival, Heather gave Bismarck time and space to adjust to his new surroundings. He had access to a large, fenced-in yard, with a temperature controlled cottage that afforded Bismarck the chance to bond with Heather on his own terms. During his stay, Heather sent us daily updates with photos, so we could relax and see for ourselves how well he was progressing. By the end of his stay, Bismarck and Heather were fast friends. Pop Star dogs gave us the freedom to travel without having to worry about our dog’s well-being. We always know that Bismarck is having the time of his life and enjoying vacation as much as we are. We can’t recommend Heather and Pop Star Dogs enough!-Ann