Preparing your dog for kids

1077579_628296886467_1370948952_oHeather is a parent educator with Family Paws, an international parent education service to help families build bonds between their children and dogs in a safe manner.  Having three dogs and two small children, she understands how overwhelming living with dogs and kids can be.  Whether you are expecting a child, your children are starting to crawl, or you are thinking of adding a dog to your family, Pop Star Dogs is here to help you have a smooth and safe transition.

We provide a pregnancy package where we will come to your house at the beginning of each trimester and once the baby is home (and things are settled )to help you make the transition from dog parent to human parent. Topics covered include:

  • learning how to read your dog’s body language
  • preparing your dog for the arrival of the new baby
  • setting your home up for your dog and baby
  • what makes good supervision
  • …and much more!532522_627086646797_312816512_n

Contact us today, no matter what stage you are in! Our goal is to keep children safe and dogs in their homes.